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Canal Cleanup in UBE

FODC Treasurer Larry Reinfeld, Congressman Wendy Ullman, Township Supervisor Roger, and FODC board member Nancy O. Small with Sammy the canal clean-up dog. worked with many other volunteers to cleanup the canal in the Upper Black Eddy area.  Leader Peter Russwogg, organized the cleanup in this part of the canal, thank you to all of the residents and FODC members who came out to make a difference.

Sinkholes north of Bridgeton Repaired!

The two sinkholes that were discovered in the canal in the Nockamixon Cliffs area last week have been repaired as of yesterday.

According to the Park staff, “…the two sinkholes were excavated on Friday with our new Menzi Muck. On Monday we excavated out the second hole and filled both with flowable fill concrete.  Tuesday the concrete had set and our staff refilled the area with dirt and clay, so by mid-afternoon water was able to flow again! Having the specialized Menzi meant that we didn’t have to call in a contractor or use larger equipment that would be difficult to mobilize in, so we were able to get started right away.”

Sinkholes north of Bridgeton Cause Canal to be Drained

Two sinkholes were discovered in the canal in the Nockamixon Cliffs area Fri, Nov 17th, which necessitated the de-watering of the canal in Bridgeton township. DCNR has begun repairs. According to Friends of the Delaware Canal’s Executive Director Susan Taylor, the plan is to use a “flowable fill” to expedite repairs. There is no timetable for re-watering.

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Canal Repairs Advance


The deliberations on how to repair the collapse of the beautiful 1840 stone arch tunnel that carries High Falls Creek under the canal, which has caused the loss of water through UBE (and points south) since March 29th, have been completed.

The scope of the project expanded in July when it was discovered that the repairs to the collapsed portion would not be sufficient, as the remainder of the 175-year-old stone culvert was not structurally sound.

The consultant, Bi-State Construction of Easton, PA., has determined that a metal sleeve can be inserted the whole length of the stone arch culvert, serving as a permanent repair. This allows the project to move forward as a maintenance project, without having to proceed through a time-consuming new permitting/design process. An Erosion and Sedimentation (E&S) plan will need to be submitted for County approval, though. Park Manager Rick Dalton is optimistic about this development, but cautious about announcing a timeline for repair completion until the E&S plan is approved, which will then trigger the review of the newly developed repair plans.


Interim Canal Repairs Begun

Canal_repairs_051915The construction of temporary repairs on the 1840 High Falls Creek arch tunnel which collapsed March 29th have begun, according to Park Superintendent Rick Dalton. The aim of these interim repairs is to provide for filling the canal and reopening the towpath as the longer-term permanent project, which must go through the state design and bidding process, runs it’s course,

Superintendent Dalton  describes the work so far:

An access crossing of the canal has been constructed, with the ramp down into the culvert completed. Footers have been formed and concrete has been poured on both sides.  A curved steel plate has been ordered to span the breech. When manufactured and delivered it will be placed and secured over the culvert.  The area will then be back-filled, the towpath rebuilt and refilling of the canal will be attempted.

DCNR has appropriated funds for the repairs, according to Mr. Dalton. The Friends of the Delaware Canal (http://www.fodc.org/) have provided substantial financial support for this project, as well. Bi State Construction Co., Inc. of Easton, PA will execute the temporary repairs.