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Historic Spahr’s Bridge Reconstruction Fundraising Campaign

Original, Historic Spahr’s Bridge in Upper Black Eddy
Work in progress at the Thompson-Neely Camelback Bridge, Washington’s Crossing
The newly restored Thompson-Neely Camelback Bridge in Washington’s Crossing

The Friends of the Delaware Canal’s quest to restore and maintain the Canal’s most authentic and iconic bridges, which began in 2002, moves forward as we resolve to help restore the last remaining camelback bridge, Spahr’s Bridge in Upper Black Eddy.  Fundraising efforts for this multi year project began in 2021. 

Please help us reach the next step in our goal and make a contribution to help restore this historic bridge. 

Contributions can easily be made on our website:


Contributions can be mailed to:

Friends of the Delaware Canal
145 South Main Street
New Hope, PA 18938

For more information visit www.fodc.org or call our office at 215/862/2021.

Interim Canal Repairs Begun

Canal_repairs_051915The construction of temporary repairs on the 1840 High Falls Creek arch tunnel which collapsed March 29th have begun, according to Park Superintendent Rick Dalton. The aim of these interim repairs is to provide for filling the canal and reopening the towpath as the longer-term permanent project, which must go through the state design and bidding process, runs it’s course,

Superintendent Dalton  describes the work so far:

An access crossing of the canal has been constructed, with the ramp down into the culvert completed. Footers have been formed and concrete has been poured on both sides.  A curved steel plate has been ordered to span the breech. When manufactured and delivered it will be placed and secured over the culvert.  The area will then be back-filled, the towpath rebuilt and refilling of the canal will be attempted.

DCNR has appropriated funds for the repairs, according to Mr. Dalton. The Friends of the Delaware Canal (http://www.fodc.org/) have provided substantial financial support for this project, as well. Bi State Construction Co., Inc. of Easton, PA will execute the temporary repairs.