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Historic Spahr’s Bridge Reconstruction Fundraising Campaign

Original, Historic Spahr’s Bridge in Upper Black Eddy
Work in progress at the Thompson-Neely Camelback Bridge, Washington’s Crossing
The newly restored Thompson-Neely Camelback Bridge in Washington’s Crossing

The Friends of the Delaware Canal’s quest to restore and maintain the Canal’s most authentic and iconic bridges, which began in 2002, moves forward as we resolve to help restore the last remaining camelback bridge, Spahr’s Bridge in Upper Black Eddy.  Fundraising efforts for this multi year project began in 2021. 

Please help us reach the next step in our goal and make a contribution to help restore this historic bridge. 

Contributions can easily be made on our website:


Contributions can be mailed to:

Friends of the Delaware Canal
145 South Main Street
New Hope, PA 18938

For more information visit www.fodc.org or call our office at 215/862/2021.

Canal Rewatering in UBE!

This is a note we received yesterday from Linda McNeil, legislative aide to Representative Wendy Ullman, with an update from Devin Buzard, Delaware Canal State Park Manager:

As of today, water will start progressing into the Bridgeton Township area as the Indian Rock Wastegate at mile post 45.83 was just closed this morning. The public can anticipate seeing water flow down the next 4 miles to the Lodi Wastegate at mile post 41.75 over the next three days. We will fine tune the water volume from that point and then move on the next wastegates at mile post 40.00 and 39.39. The goal will be to provide the greatest volume without the potential to disturb the construction at the Tinicum Aqueduct. The culmination will be a very small flow of water as far as Golden Pheasant Wastegate at mile post 37.36. I predict we will be at that point by sometime around Wednesday or Thursday of next week if everything goes according to plan.

In speaking with the Tinicum Aqueduct construction manager from Clearwater Construction Inc. they are hopeful to have the majority of the project concluded by the end of September. My hope is that we will see water crossing the aqueduct within the first week of October. I understand people are eager to see the water flow and rightfully so, after being de-watered since September of 2019. With these large infrastructure improvements being completed we will be one step closer to a more continuous water supply into the future.

For more information, you can contact Mr. Buzard here:

Devin Buzard | Park Manager
Delaware Canal State Park Complex
11 Lodi Hill Road
Upper Black Eddy, PA 18972-9540
Phone: 610-982-5560 | Fax: 610-982-0160
www.iConservePA.org | www.dcnr.state.pa.us

Canal Cleanup in UBE

FODC Treasurer Larry Reinfeld, Congressman Wendy Ullman, Township Supervisor Roger, and FODC board member Nancy O. Small with Sammy the canal clean-up dog. worked with many other volunteers to cleanup the canal in the Upper Black Eddy area.  Leader Peter Russwogg, organized the cleanup in this part of the canal, thank you to all of the residents and FODC members who came out to make a difference.

Delaware Canal State Park Repairs Status

Pete Rosswaag of the Friends of the Delaware Canal recently posted this update of the repairs taking place along the Delaware and Lehigh Canal State Park. Photos are courtesy of Carole Mebus,  longtime member of the FODC.

Kleinhans (aka Fry’s Run) Aqueduct:  DCNR has reviewed the consultant’s final design submission, and the consultant is now preparing the final plans.  Possible delays might involve securing a highway occupancy permit and bog turtle habitat. DCNR hopes to have the project underway in 2018.

Sub-canal culvert near Canal Cup south of Easton:  The Park must coordinate with PennDOT to fix the Rt.611 and canal sinkholes simultaneously. Bi-State Construction is prepared to undertake the Park’s portion of the project.   Work commenced Monday, 4/23. It is anticipated that the repair will take 1-1/2 months to complete. The flow in the canal from the Lehigh River at Easton has been shut down in order not to make the problems worse.

The “12 Bridge Replacement Project” (actually bridges and culverts) is in design. Preliminary plans for the Canal Lane bridge in Upper Black Eddy, the Raubsville culvert north of Groundhog Lock, and Bridge 4 in Smithtown have been produced and are out for review.

Good news: A large sinkhole north of Mueller’s Store in Raubsville was repaired using 27 yards of flowable fill.  Eroding towpath banks were also repaired; fallen tree removal is underway with the help of Bi-State.

Not-so-good news: New sinkhole south of Mulligan’s bridge in Upper Black Eddy; new sinkhole south of Mountainside Inn.

Groundhog Lock: The wall between Rt. 611 and the canal south of the lock has a collapsing section.

Clean-Up Day: The Friends of the Delaware Canal (FODC) had another successful Clean-Up Day last Saturday. Thanks to all who helped and thanks to all who are members of this vital and much-needed organization.

Sinkholes north of Bridgeton Repaired!

The two sinkholes that were discovered in the canal in the Nockamixon Cliffs area last week have been repaired as of yesterday.

According to the Park staff, “…the two sinkholes were excavated on Friday with our new Menzi Muck. On Monday we excavated out the second hole and filled both with flowable fill concrete.  Tuesday the concrete had set and our staff refilled the area with dirt and clay, so by mid-afternoon water was able to flow again! Having the specialized Menzi meant that we didn’t have to call in a contractor or use larger equipment that would be difficult to mobilize in, so we were able to get started right away.”

Sinkholes north of Bridgeton Cause Canal to be Drained

Two sinkholes were discovered in the canal in the Nockamixon Cliffs area Fri, Nov 17th, which necessitated the de-watering of the canal in Bridgeton township. DCNR has begun repairs. According to Friends of the Delaware Canal’s Executive Director Susan Taylor, the plan is to use a “flowable fill” to expedite repairs. There is no timetable for re-watering.

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