Interim Canal Repairs Begun

Canal_repairs_051915The construction of temporary repairs on the 1840 High Falls Creek arch tunnel which collapsed March 29th have begun, according to Park Superintendent Rick Dalton. The aim of these interim repairs is to provide for filling the canal and reopening the towpath as the longer-term permanent project, which must go through the state design and bidding process, runs it’s course,

Superintendent Dalton  describes the work so far:

An access crossing of the canal has been constructed, with the ramp down into the culvert completed. Footers have been formed and concrete has been poured on both sides.  A curved steel plate has been ordered to span the breech. When manufactured and delivered it will be placed and secured over the culvert.  The area will then be back-filled, the towpath rebuilt and refilling of the canal will be attempted.

DCNR has appropriated funds for the repairs, according to Mr. Dalton. The Friends of the Delaware Canal ( have provided substantial financial support for this project, as well. Bi State Construction Co., Inc. of Easton, PA will execute the temporary repairs.

Canal Repairs Slated to Begin Shortly

HighFallsCreekTunnel2HighFallsCreekTunnelThe collapse of the beautiful 1840 stone arch tunnel that carries  High Falls Creek under the canal, which has caused the loss of water through UBE (and points south) since March 29th, is slated for temporary repairs to get water flowing while the larger and more complicated permanent reconstruction, which must go through the state design and bidding process, runs it’s course.

While DCNR has appropriated funds for the repairs, according to Rick Dalton, Park Superintendent, the Friends of the Delaware Canal ( have provided substantial financial support for this project. Bi State Construction Co., Inc. of Easton, PA will execute the temporary repairs.

Work began Tuesday, 5/5 and is slated to take about a month.

The concept is to make a curved metal plate that will be anchored in cement footings to cover the open part of the culvert.  It will take 2-4 weeks to fabricate the arched metal plate.  Then the canal will be able to run over it, although maybe not at a full volume. The elegant, original stone arches will be preserved.

Please do what you can to either support this project directly and/or by joining the FODC.

On the FODC website, there is a button called “LET’S HELP KEEP WATER IN THE CANAL”, with a “DONATE NOW” button.


Planning Commission – March 2015 Meeting Minutes

PlanningCommissionBTPC Minutes- March 25 2015

Bridgeton Township Planning Commission
Minutes of March 25th, 2015 Meeting
Bridgeton Township Building, 1370 Bridgeton Hill Rd, Upper Black Eddy, PA

I. Call to order
Meeting was called to order by Glenn Phillips at 7:34 pm
Present: Chairman Glenn Philips presiding, Terry Brown, CC Hopf, and Roger Keller.

II. Review & Approval of Minutes
Terry Brown moved to approve the minutes of the February 25th meeting as submitted and Glenn Phillips seconded. All agreed and the minutes were approved by the commission.
III. Continuing discussion of the noise ordinance review.
Glen mentioned that Noise suppressors (as noted in the February 2015 BTPC minutes) had come up in an email and he felt that noise alone is the issue that should be addressed by the PC rather methods of noise management. Discussion followed agreement that the latter was not the actual concern of the commission. CC noted that she had information from a year ago about how a gun silencer (suppressor) can be obtained and that this was provided to the commission for information purposes only, as the minutes reflected discussion.
CC had a concern as to noise after dark and also for controlling noise with a restriction as to the length of time the noise would be allowed when the ordinance is written. Commission agreed.
Terry suggested, “no target shooting after dark” as a control as well
Although absent from the March BTPC meeting, Mike Doyle provided additional noise comparisons for Bridgeton and other communities for the Commission to review.
IV. Other comments.
Terry discussed invasive bamboo as noted in an article in the Bucks County Herald. He noted that this was brought to the attention of Supervisor Holby for discussion at a future Supervisors meeting. He suggested that we should place a restriction on this specific plant. CC mentioned in addition to bamboo she would like Bridgeton Twp to look at restricting the use of herbicides by utilities, for ex. the electric companies. To support this the Township might review for use some of the printed educational brochures that Tinicum Twp has made available in the past to their residents about herbicides and invasive plants, etc.
Keller considered other invasive plants like Phragmite are a concern that might also be considered for control. Phragmite is a natural spreading plant rather than a planted grass.
V. Public comments
VI. Adjournment.
Upon a motion by Terry Brown, sesonded by Roger Keller, and approved unanimously, the meeting adjourned at 8.30 pm.

Roger Keller March 25th, 2015
Corrections added April 22, 2015

Supervisors Pass Resolution Opposing Penn East Pipeline



Res. 2015-1 Pipeline Opposition




Bucks County, Pennsy1vania


WHEREAS, PennEast Pipeline Company, LLC, has proposed the construction of a new pipeline for the transfer and delivery of approximately 1 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day generated by deep well “fracking” in areas of Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania crossing parts of Luzerne, Carbon,
Northampton and Bucks Counties in Pennsylvania and Hunterdon and Mercer Counties in New Jersey;
WHEREAS, The PennEast Pipeline project will cut its right-of-way for over 108 miles, approximately 87% of which will be within the boundaries of the Delaware River watershed, crossing over 88 waterways and potentially affecting approximately 44 wetland complexes, and well over 1,200 acres of land; and among the waterways to be crossed are the Delaware, Lehigh and Susquehanna Rivers; and

WHEREAS, the pipeline will affect approximately 1,094 tracts of land and approximately 861 landowners and crosses or abuts numerous farms and conservation land in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey that were preserved by the expenditure of public funds for the exclusive use of agriculture, wildlife, human enjoyment and permanent protection of open space; and

WHEREAS, the size and scope of the construction activity for the pipeline and stream crossings associated with this project will have a deleterious effect on the water resources of the Delaware River Basin. Large scale transmission lines such as the PennEast line can result in significant forest destruction and fragmentation, destruction of animal habitat, disturbance of natural ground cover that will invite and propagate the spread of invasive species, and degrade the diversity and dispersion of native flora and fauna. Furthermore, pipeline projects also degrade the functions and values of wetlands, as the construction and operation of the pipeline permanently converts forested wetlands to uplands or emergent wetlands as well as increased stormwater runoff, pollution loading, soil compaction, herbicide runoff and pollution from HOW maintenance; and

WHEREAS, there are at least seven pending proposals to build pipelines in the Delaware River Bus in, and eleven such proposals have been approved since 2011, threatening the Delaware River and other critical water resources;

WHEREAS, there are also significant concerns related to the cumulative impacts of the continuous water crossings and wetlands disturbance that pipeline construction activity has on the health and vitality of the Delaware River Basin. This is particularly a concern with the PennEast line, as many of these same sub-watersheds were recently impacted by construction activity on Transco’s parallel line.
WHEREAS, the proposed pipeline passes through historically significant areas such as the Crossroads of the American Revolution National Heritage Area, including the sites of two documented Revolutionary War encampments;

WHEREAS, the project appears to be largely redundant, as it will run nearly parallel to an already existing large scale transmission line that is owned and operated by Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Co. Transco’s pipeline, the Leidy Southeast Expansion Project, is currently in the process of being upgraded to take on more capacity. Another new pipeline proposal called Diamond East is also anticipated to cut a somewhat parallel path, creating another redundant line to PennEast; arid

WHEREAS, currently, no federal, state or local regulatory agency other than the Delaware River Basin Commission is tasked with evaluating the cumulative impacts of natural gas pipeline projects and associated infrastructure construction within the Delaware River Basin.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Bridgeton Township Board of Supervisors that:

1. Bridgeton Township opposes the proposed PennEast pipeline; and

2. If the PennEast proposal is submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) as contemplated, FERC must consider it, Williams/TRANSCO’S Leidy Southeast Expansion and other pipelines proposed or being constructed in the Delaware Basin as part of one network requiring a full environmental impact statement, and not in a segmented fashion.

3. Bridgeton Township supports the Delaware River Basin Commission’s decision to exercise its jurisdiction over the proposed PennEast Pipeline project to prevent a substantial impact to and degradation of the water quality in the Delaware Basin.

4. This Resolution Shall be distributed to:
a. The Governor of Pennsylvania
b. Senators Casey and Toomey,
c. Congressman Fitzpatrick,
d. State Senator Mensch,
e. State Representative Quinn
RESOLVED and ENACTED this day of A.D., 2015 Bridgeton Township
Board of Supervisors

Bucks County Hazardous Waste Collection Events


2015 Bucks County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events

Why bring your household hazardous wastes to a scheduled event?

Household products containing toxic chemicals, like pesticides, oil-based paints, solvents, cleaning products, weed killers and automotive batteries can be a threat to people and the environment if improperly discarded. Never throw these materials into the trash, as the toxic chemicals may harm sanitation workers, or result in fires in collection vehicles. It is also not safe to pour them into a sink or storm drain as they can end up in the environment polluting the air, water, or soil.


2015 Schedule

Each Event will take place rain or shine from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

May 9, 2015 Lower Bucks Harry S. Truman High School

3001 Green Lane, Levittown—Bristol Township

June 27, 2015 Upper Bucks Pennridge High School

1228 N. Fifth Street—East Rockhill Township

July 25, 2015 Central Bucks Central Bucks South High School 1100 Folly Road—Warrington Township
August 15, 2015 Upper Bucks Quakertown Community High School

600 Park Avenue (Rear Lot)—Quakertown Borough

August 22, 2015 Lower Bucks Bucks County Technical High School 610 Wistar Road—Bristol Township


Electronics are not accepted at these events.

This includes TVs, computers, cell phones and other corded devices.

For more information visit the Bucks County website at:


What can you bring?

Up to 25  gallons or 220 pounds of hazardous prod- ucts. Keep  in mind hazardous products will have cautionary words on the label, for example: Danger, Warning, or Cau- tion. Other words or phrases that can signal haz- ardous products include: poison- ous, hazardous, combustible, flam- mable, corrosive, volatile, caustic, irritant, explosive, toxic, use with ad- equate ventilation, or avoid inhaling.


Pesticides                    Toxics

–   Chlordane                  – Photographic

–  DDT                                Chemicals

–  Malathion                  – Pool Chemicals

–  Sevin                         – Rust / Paint

–  Rodent Poison                 Remover

Weed Killer

Flammables                  – Antifreeze

–  Oil-based Paint          – Mercury

–  Paint Thinner             – CFLs (fluorescent

–  Spot Removers                       lamps)

–  Gasoline                   Household Batteries

–  Kerosene                    – All Button Types

–  Gas/Oil mixture         – Lithium

–  Heating Oil                – Re-chargeables

Caustics                      Lead-Acid Batteries

–   Ammonia-Based         – Car Cleaners                    – Marine

–  Household Lye           – Motorcycle

–  Oven Cleaner             – Truck

–  Drain Cleaner

–  Metal Cleaner             Propane Tanks

– 20 lbs. or less only


Do Not Bring


(it is not toxic – it is water based)*

  • Appliances (with or without Freon)
  • Asbestos
  • Biological Waste
  • Explosives
  • Gas Cylinders (Greater than 20 )
  • Household Batteries (regular alkaline)
  • PCBs
  • Pressurized CFCs (greater than 1 )
  • Radioactive Waste
  • Tires

*Remove lid to allow to air dry or mix with absorbent (e.g. kitty litter) until no longer a liquid and discard in plastic trash bag.


For additional information on disposal options, contact:





This program is a community service of the

Bucks County Board of Commissioners and participating municipalities and is not open to business, industry, or institutions.


Bucks County Board of Commissioners

Robert G. Loughery, Chairman Charles H. Martin, Vice Chairman Diane M. Ellis-Marseglia, LCSW

March 2015 Supervisor Meeting Minutes


Bridgeton Township Meeting Room March 2015 Minutes

The regular meeting of the Bridgeton Township Board of Supervisors was held on March 12, 2015, as advertised, at the Township Building, 1370 Bridgeton Hill Road, Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania.  Present were Supervisors Roger Keller and Michael Lynch.  Supervisor Gard Holby was absent. Also present was Secretary/Treasurer Tammy Macaluso and David Shafkowitz, the Township Solicitor.  No Executive Session was held prior to the meeting.

Supervisor Keller called the meeting to order at 7:24 p.m.

Supervisor Keller called for public comment on the meeting agenda.  No public comment was received.


MINUTES:  Upon motion by Supervisor Lynch and seconded by Supervisor Keller, which carried
2-0, the minutes from the February 12, 2015 regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors were approved.

BILLS/PAYROLL:  Upon motion by Supervisor Lynch, seconded by Supervisor Keller, which carried 2-0, the bills and payroll in the amount of $17,758.45 from February 2015 were approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Upon motion by Supervisor Lynch, seconded by Supervisor Keller, which carried 2-0, the Treasurer’s report from February 2015 was approved.


  1. Fire Company – None
  1. Open Space – None
  1. Solicitor –
    Road Maintenance Agreement with Nockamixon Township – Solicitor Shafkowitz stated that a letter has been sent to Nockamixon Township Office Manager Keith Deluca requesting follow up on memorializing the maintenance relationship for shared roads between the two Townships.Sabatini Letter of Credit – Solicitor Shafkowitz stated that ongoing discussions are being held with Sabatini Counsel regarding replacement of the Letter of Credit.


  1. Planning Commission – Minutes have been received and are on file for December 2014 and January 2015.  Supervisor Keller reported that the Planning Commission is still in debate and discussion over the form of a potential noise/nuisance ordinance update for the Township.


  1. Secretary/Treasurer – The annual audit is ongoing and almost complete.Secretary Macaluso reported that the Township office will be closed March 16, 2015 – March 23, 2015, but the Zoning Office will remain open during this time.
    Secretary Macaluso also reported that the Township office computer has been updated with the necessary hardware in preparation for the new accounting software, previously approved by the Board of Supervisors.


  1. B/N/T Groundwater Committee – Secretary Macaluso reported that Minutes have been received from the Committee and are on file for December 2014 and January 2015 meetings.  The Groundwater Ordinance informally proposed by the Committee is being reviewed by the several Engineers from the participating Townships.
  1. Roadmaster – None
  1. Zoning – Secretary Macaluso reported that the Zoning Officer’s Report for February 2015 has been delivered to the Board.  A copy of the Zoning Officer’s report is on file with the Township.


  1. Signage for Township Building – Supervisor Keller reported that he has been in touch with Phil Brandeau, who has been working on this project, who directed him to Fritz Yous who is preparing  a cost proposal.
  1. PA DOT Multimodal Transportation Fund – Secretary Macaluso reported that Supervisor Holby will be speaking with the Township Engineer to receive a preliminary cost estimate for a project to be located by the river bridge which may be compatible with this grant program.
  1. Digitalizing Ordinances/Resolutions – Supervisor Lynch reported that he is seeking proposals for this project and is currently awaiting more information from a third provider.   Supervisor Lynch expects to be able to report back to the Board at the next public meeting.
  1. DCNR Grant Program – Secretary Macaluso, at the request of the Board, looked into the availability of grants from DCNR for this fiscal year.  Secretary Macaluso reported that it was too late to start a project for this year’s round of grants, but the possibility of participating in the program next year will be made a priority.


  1.   Township Garage Addition Land Development Plan Submission Requirements – The Township Road Master presented a plan to the Board of Supervisors depicting the previously approved Township garage addition project.  The plan has been reviewed by the Township Engineer and Township Zoning Officer.  Solicitor Shafkowitz explained to the Board that, generally, an expansion of a commercial building requires land development approvals pursuant to the Township’s Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance.  Accordingly, the Board of Supervisors is required to take action to waive the applicable land development application, escrow and fees so this project may proceed to building permit.  The Township Engineer stated the plans for the addition are adequate and has recommended that the Board waive Land Development application, escrows and fees related to the filing of a land development plan for the project.  Upon motion by Supervisor Keller, seconded by Supervisor Lynch, which carried 2-0, the Board approved the waiver of the applicable Land Development application, escrows and fees that would otherwise have been necessary for the Garage Addition project.
  1. Bucks County Health Department Yearly Letter Request to Treat Township Properties for West Nile Virus Protection – Upon motion by Supervisor Keller, seconded by Supervisor Lynch, which carried 2-0, the Board approved the County Department of Health’s request to treat Township owned properties for West Nile Virus protection.
  1. Internet/Phone Upgrade – Supervisor Lynch reported that he contacted Service Electric to determine available internet access for the Township Building.  Service Electric stopped by the Township building to see where the service would come in to the building and where the modem location is currently.  Supervisor Lynch reported that based on these finding there should be no problem upgrading the Township’s service.  Before proceeding, however, Supervisor Lynch is going to contact them again to see if internet and phone service can be bundled and whether our franchise agreement also for “free” service to Township facilities.
  1. Email Program Update – Supervisor Lynch is going to research whether a Gmail account, which allows file sharing, would be possible and suitable for the Township.  Supervisor Lynch advised that he will report back to the Board at future meetings.
  1. Tax Collector Deposit Request – Peter Rosswaag, Township Tax Collector is seeking the Board’s approval to make direct deposits into the Township account for the collection of Township taxes.  This direct deposit feature is utilized generally, throughout the County.  Upon motion by Supervisor Keller, seconded by Supervisor Lynch, which carried 2-0, the Board approved direct deposit of collected Township taxes in to the Township account.

PUBLIC COMMENT:  Carl Stokes, Township resident inquired if the position of Deputy Tax Collector was an elected position and the training required of a Deputy Tax Collector.  The Board explained that the position was not elected and in the future the Deputy will have the same training as the tax collector. Also that the deputy was appointed by the tax collector and would be in position to continue the work of the tax collector should the collector be unable to fulfill his/her duties for some reason.  The deputy would fill the position as needed until the term expired.  The Board also noted that the Deputy was able to assist the Collector, if required and the Collector is still the person responsible for the collection.

Marty Focazio, Bridgeton Township Emergency Management Coordinator, stated that he is currently updating the emergency management plan and would like to know if he can hold a meeting of his emergency management team and the public without providing or publishing public notice.  Solicitor Shafkowitz stated that a meeting may be held by the Emergency Management Coordinator without publishing public notice.

Mr. Focazio would like the Township to purchase a County radio, estimated cost being $2000.00.  Supervisor Keller would like Mr. Focazio to provide details on this requested purchase.

Mr. Focazio would like to designate the Township building as the EOC, which would require a key and an access code.  The Board will advise Mr. Facazio on his request.

Mr. Focazio stated that during activated emergencies, emergency supplies are dropped at the Palisades High School.  He would like to be able to pick up these supplies in a Township truck and is questioning whether his Emergency Management team is covered under the Township insurance.  Secretary Macaluso will make this inquiry to the insurance representative.

Supervisor Lynch asked Mr. Focazio what is the deadline for the updated plan.  Mr. Focazio would like to have the update complete by the end of the year.

Being no further business, upon a motion by Supervisor Lynch, seconded by Supervisor Keller, which carried 2-0, the meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m., with the next meeting scheduled to be held on April 9, 2015, at 7:00 p.m. at the Township Building.

Respectfully submitted,

Tammy Macaluso


Potholes? 1-800-FIX ROAD






Report Highway Condition Problem (for State Roads)

Township/State Roads List

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) District 06 is reminding motorists that potholes and other roadway concerns can be reported by calling 1-800 FIX ROAD. They can also visit the online portal, the District 6 Customer Care Center, to submit and track roadway concerns
The Department’s toll-free 1-800-FIX ROAD (1-800-349-7623) hotline connects callers directly to their respective county maintenance office. PennDOT employees take pride in providing the people of their communities with quality service. Calling 1-800-FIX ROAD will result in prompt action and a telephone follow-up if the caller leaves their name and telephone number.
Callers should try to be as specific as possible in describing the location of a pothole. Helpful information includes the State Route and section number (found on small, white signs along roadways), the direction of travel (eastbound or westbound lane, etc.) and any other useful location information.
Customers can use the hotline number for any reason including:
◾Animal carcass removal
◾Brush and tree removal
◾Shoulder and drainage concerns
◾Signage issues
◾Other maintenance needs
◾Information, complaints and compliments

Planning Commission December Meeting Minutes


BTPC meeting minutes – Dec 3 2014

Bridgeton Township Planning Commission

 Minutes of Dec 3rd, 2014 Meeting

 Bridgeton Township Building, 1370 Bridgeton Hill Rd, Upper Black Eddy, PA Present: Glenn Philips (presiding), Terry Brown, Mike Doyle, C.C. Hopf, and Roger Keller.

I. Call to order

Glenn Philips called the meeting to order at 7.34 pm.

 Review & Approval of Minutes

  1. C. Hopf moved to approve the minutes of the Aug 27th meeting. The motion was seconded by

Roger Keller and approved unanimously.

III. Revision of the Township Floodplain Ordinance

Tim Fulmer of C. Robert Wynn Associates (the Township engineers) reviewed the status of revisions (minor) to the current (1999) BT Flood Plain Ordinance as required by FEMA. The new version, copies of which were available at the meeting, must be approved by the Supervisors and reviewed by FEMA before March 16, 2015 in order to maintain FEMA flood insurance coverage for the township. Most of the revisions involve ensuring internal consistency of terms and definitions between the revised ordinance and other existing zoning ordinances and that all such terms are as used by FEMA.

Tim discussed the ‘appeals process’ under the new ordinance in Section 8.02. Appeals go through the BT Zoning Hearing Board. But what is allowed or not is constrained by FEMA regulations. New FEMA floodplain maps will be publically available before March 15, 2015. Mr Fulmer stated that, based on his preview of these maps, the floodplain boundaries were generally better defined and

more consistent with actual flood history but that little had changed in Bridgeton.

Terry Brown said that while he was the zoning officer he had developed a checklist of issues concerning the FEMA regulations pertinent to construction permits that was helpful to homeowners. Tim Fulmer said that he would contact the Zoning Officer, Dan Jenkins, to see whether this checklist was on file and whether it needed updating.

The members of the Commission having reviewed the revised ordinance, Terry Brown moved to recommend that the Supervisors accept and approve the revised ordinance as prepared and presented by Wynn Associates. The motion was seconded by Glenn Phillips and approved unanimously.

  1. Election of Officers and Schedule for 2015.

CC Hopf moved, with Roger Keller seconding, that the existing officers be re-elected for 2015. The motion, being agreeable to all, was passed unanimously.

CC Hopf moved, seconded by Terry Brown that the existing schedule of meetings be retained for

2015; namely the 4th Wednesday of each month Jan-Oct and a combined Nov/Dec meeting on the first Wednesday of December. The motion passed unanimously.

  1. Continuing Discussion of Noise Ordinances & Related Business

Mike Doyle recapped an earlier discussion that a critical problem with the existing ordinance concerning noise (Section 508 of the Zoning Ordinance) was that there was no enforcement capability. A solution would be to appoint an enforcement officer. This could be any existing officer so designated.

Terry Brown questioned whether this was necessary since a ‘stand-alone’ noise ordinance, to which all Commission members are in agreement on the prior recommendation of the Township Solicitor, should make it possible for residents with a noise complaint to access the District Magistrate directly.

Terry moved that the existing Section 508 (‘noise’) in the Zoning Ordinance, as is, be put into a stand-alone format and forwarded to the Supervisors for approval. There was no second for this motion.

Mike Doyle pointed out that the existing noise ordinance contains prohibitions solely in terms of objective criteria, i.e. the quantitative sound level (in dBA) with several exemptions based on specified noise sources (e.g. power tools during daytime hours). It does not cover situations involving

‘nuisance’ noise such as barking dogs where peak sound levels may be below prohibited dBA levels yet constitute a nuisance by their repetitive nature. These situations would require subjective evaluations by a third party (i.e. an official).

Roger Keller moved that the Commission request: 1) guidance from the Township Solicitor as to the exact procedures of how a complaint of a stand alone noise ordinance would be filed, how it would be investigated and evaluated, and ultimately how it might be eventually brought before the District Magistrate for enforcement. 2) guidance from the Township Solicitor concerning restrictions on

‘nuisance’ noise sources based on frequency, duration, and hours of the noise. This motion was seconded by C.C Hopf and approved with one abstention.

  1. Public Comments

Barbara Prowker asked when these requests (above) would be forwarded to the Supervisors. Chairman Phillips replied that this would happen as soon as the minutes of this meeting were prepared and approved and that this would be done as soon as possible.

Terry Kuntz of the Bridgeton Township Sportmen’s Association gave a written statement of the goals and objectives of their organization with details of the good value it provided the community in ecology and outdoor preservation. He gave a verbal description of ways the club has served as a

good neighbor by mitigating potential noise disturbance through plantings and earthworks. He stated

that their property is surrounded mostly by State Gamelands and an EPA superfund site. He offered his organization’s assistance to cooperate with the BTPC in development of the revised Noise Ordinance if needed.

VII Adjournment.

Upon a motion by the Chairman, seconded by Roger Keller, and approved unanimously, the meeting was adjourned at 8.55 pm.

Michael Doyle, Secretary

January 3, 2015