2017-18 Upper Bucks Regional EMS Membership Drive


The Upper Bucks Regional Emergency Medical Service is in the midst of their annual subscription drive, which is a vital source of funding for this community service. Subscribe here:


Important facts from the UBREMS website:

Q. My insurance covers ambulance trips so why should I subscribe?

A. Most insurance companies only cover a percentage of ambulance transport leaving the patient with an uncovered amount that can exceed $600.00. In addition, subscribing does more than protect you from incurring an expensive ambulance trip. It also insures that Upper Bucks Regional EMS can provide the best possible emergency medical care to you and your family. Your subscription money allows Upper Bucks Regional EMS to hire and retain qualified medical professionals, purchase and maintain new ambulances, and invest in life saving medical equipment.

Q. How long does my subscription coverage last?

A. Subscription coverage lasts from the date of payment until April 30, 2015. Sorry, we cannot prorate your subscription, meaning if you renew your subscription part way through the subscription year, it will still run out on April 31st.

Q. Do my tax dollars fund Upper Bucks Regional EMS?

A. No. Upper Bucks Regional EMS receives money from the municipalities. Due to the high cost of delivering emergency service, these donations are not nearly enough to cover our annual operating budget, which is tight as it is. This makes your subscription a vital source of funding for us. Without paid subscriptions, we cannot continue to deliver high quality emergency care.

Q. Does my donation to my volunteer fire company provide me with a subscription to Upper Bucks Regional EMS?

A. No. Your donation to your local fire department does not provide you with a subscription to Upper Bucks Regional EMS. While we work very closely with these departments, we are independent from all volunteer fire departments and we do not receive any funding from them.

Q. Is Upper Bucks Regional EMS a department of the Townships?

A. No. We are an independent non-profit organization. Although we are a separate organization, we do work closely with the township’s to strengthen public safety.

Q. Does my subscription cover me outside of Upper Bucks Regionals coverage area?

A. Yes. Your subscription is honored by most EMS organizations in Upper Bucks County. Call (610) 847-2165 for a list of communities where you are covered.

For more information, got to the Upper Bucks Regional EMS website: http://www.ubrems.org/index.html