Canal Repairs Complete – Water Flowing through UBE

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Rick Dalton, Superintendent of the Delaware Canal State Park, is pleased to announce the completion of repairs to the 1840 High Falls Creek stone tunnel which had partially failed under the main bed of the canal approximately 1 mile north of Upper Black Eddy.

The historic structure stone arch tunnel failed March 27th, collapsing mid-span. The Canal Park administration, in a feat of efficiency, was able to bypass the lengthy state required permitting and bidding process, which might have taken up to 2 years, to expedite repairs, which upon examination turned out to be much more extensive than originally thought. They were also able, through creative engineering, to bypass temporary repairs and proceed to a permanent fix.

A metal sleeve was inserted into the tunnel to provide structural integrity, and the collapsed portion was sealed with concrete while maintaining the 175-year-old stone arch faces of the tunnel.

Water began flowing January 27th, exactly 10 months after the collapse. The towpath is open, but will require some final attention. Water levels will be raised slowly, and only go as far as the gates at Lodi Hill Rd, as repairs on the canal in Uhlerstown are planned for the spring.

Bi State Construction Co., Inc. of Easton, PA executed the repairs.

The Friends of the Delaware Canal ( have provided substantial financial support for this project.