Planning Commission – March 2015 Meeting Minutes

PlanningCommissionBTPC Minutes- March 25 2015

Bridgeton Township Planning Commission
Minutes of March 25th, 2015 Meeting
Bridgeton Township Building, 1370 Bridgeton Hill Rd, Upper Black Eddy, PA

I. Call to order
Meeting was called to order by Glenn Phillips at 7:34 pm
Present: Chairman Glenn Philips presiding, Terry Brown, CC Hopf, and Roger Keller.

II. Review & Approval of Minutes
Terry Brown moved to approve the minutes of the February 25th meeting as submitted and Glenn Phillips seconded. All agreed and the minutes were approved by the commission.
III. Continuing discussion of the noise ordinance review.
Glen mentioned that Noise suppressors (as noted in the February 2015 BTPC minutes) had come up in an email and he felt that noise alone is the issue that should be addressed by the PC rather methods of noise management. Discussion followed agreement that the latter was not the actual concern of the commission. CC noted that she had information from a year ago about how a gun silencer (suppressor) can be obtained and that this was provided to the commission for information purposes only, as the minutes reflected discussion.
CC had a concern as to noise after dark and also for controlling noise with a restriction as to the length of time the noise would be allowed when the ordinance is written. Commission agreed.
Terry suggested, “no target shooting after dark” as a control as well
Although absent from the March BTPC meeting, Mike Doyle provided additional noise comparisons for Bridgeton and other communities for the Commission to review.
IV. Other comments.
Terry discussed invasive bamboo as noted in an article in the Bucks County Herald. He noted that this was brought to the attention of Supervisor Holby for discussion at a future Supervisors meeting. He suggested that we should place a restriction on this specific plant. CC mentioned in addition to bamboo she would like Bridgeton Twp to look at restricting the use of herbicides by utilities, for ex. the electric companies. To support this the Township might review for use some of the printed educational brochures that Tinicum Twp has made available in the past to their residents about herbicides and invasive plants, etc.
Keller considered other invasive plants like Phragmite are a concern that might also be considered for control. Phragmite is a natural spreading plant rather than a planted grass.
V. Public comments
VI. Adjournment.
Upon a motion by Terry Brown, sesonded by Roger Keller, and approved unanimously, the meeting adjourned at 8.30 pm.

Roger Keller March 25th, 2015
Corrections added April 22, 2015

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