June 12 Supervisor Meeting Minutes

The regular meeting of the Bridgeton Township Board of Supervisors was held on June 12, 2014 at the Township Building, 1370 Bridgeton Hill Road, Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania. Present were Supervisors Gard Holby, Michael Lynch, and Roger Keller. Also present was Secretary-Treasurer Tammy Macaluso and David Shafkowitz, the Township Solicitor. An Executive Session was held prior to the meeting to discuss personnel matters.

Supervisor Holby called the meeting to order at 7:19 p.m. Supervisor Holby called for public comment on the meeting agenda. No public comment was received.




MINUTES: Upon motion by Supervisor Lynch and seconded by Supervisor Holby, which carried 2-0, Supervisor Keller abstained, the minutes from the May 8, 2014 regular meeting, of the Board of Supervisors were approved.

BILLS/PAYROLL: Upon motion by Supervisor Lynch, seconded by Supervisor Keller, which carried 3-0, the bills and payroll from May 2014 were approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Upon motion by Supervisor Keller, seconded by Supervisor Holby which carried 3-0, the Treasurer’s Report from May 2014 was approved.


1. Fire Company – James Serfass Upper Black Eddy Fire Chief attended the meeting and provided the fire company report. Mr. Serfass requested the Township to send letters of request for Fire Police assistance to the surrounding municipalities for the 2014 Firemen’s Carnival. Mr. Serfass further reported that the findings from the Commonwealth with the Fire Relief Audit have been resolved. Mr. Serfass also requested the Board to look into the DEP website concerning open burning and the potential future consideration of an Ordinance addressing same. Mr. Serfass presented minutes of the June meeting of the Fire Company which he reviewed with the Board. During his presentation, Mr. Serfass mentioned certain classes required for Fire Company volunteers. Supervisor Lynch requested Mr. Serfass to send the list of websites for the home study classes to the Township.

2. Open Space – The Open Space Committee Meeting for June was cancelled.

3. Solicitor – None

4. Planning Commission – Supervisor Keller reported that discussions are still taking place in regards to the noise ordinance.

5. Secretary/Treasurer – Ms. Macaluso reported that the appropriate steps were taken to renew the Township’s FCC license. The renewal, which allows the Township to negotiate with cable providers, has been renewed thru 2024.

6. B/N/T Groundwater Committee – None

7. Roadmaster – Rich Pursell, Roadmaster, was present at the meeting and reported that he attended Senator Mensch’s conference with PennDot representatives held on June 11, 2014. Mr. Pursell

reported that the PennDot District 6 Supervisor present at the conference stated that patching of potholes will continue and there are no plans to re-pave any roads in Upper Bucks County this year. Mr. Pursell presented a card for District 6 Traffic Engineer so a letter can be sent to him by the Township addressing the speed on River Road and possibly the installation of a grate at the bottom of Bridgeton Hill Road.
Mr. Pursell recommended to the Board that they consider joining the Salt Consortium this year rather than going to bid. Mr. Pursell recommended such action to the Board due to the likelihood the Township can save money on salt needs for the winter. Secretary Macaluso will contact the Consortium to obtain the necessary paperwork. Mr. Pursell also advised that he would obtain tags and an insurance card for the loader because it is driven on the road. Mr. Pursell further reported that he has obtained a machine, which has been rented for $60 p/hour to clean out ditches and pipes within the Township. Mr. Pursell is also seeking the Board’s approval for a general purpose credit card for incidental use. The Board would like to discuss obtaining a credit card in further detail before a decision is made.


1. Berkheimer/EIT Delinquents – Solicitor Shafkowitz will follow up this week with the Palisades School District.

2. Disposition of Records – Supervisor Holby requests that Solicitor Shafkowitz put together a list of what records should be kept and for what length of time. Roadmaster Pursell would like all bills concerning vehicles beginning with the year 2000.


1. Awarding of Bid for 2014 Bituminous Sealcoat Road Project, Birch and Ringing Rocks Rds. – Upon motion by Supervisor Keller, seconded by Supervisor Lynch, which carried 3-0, the Board of Supervisors awarded the bid to Asphalt Maintenance Solutions, LLC based on the Unit Price of $2.116 SY conditional upon the receipt of a Performance Bond and Payment Bond for 100% of the contract price; Receipt of Certificate of Insurance, naming the Township and its agents as additional insured, pursuant to terms of the contract documents; Compliance with all other specifications contained in the contract documents relative to the project.

2. Signage for Township Building – Exploration of design and location will be discussed.

3. Approval of BNT Groundwater Management Committee By-Laws – Supervisor Holby reported that a new draft of the by-laws for the Bridgeton/Nockamixon/Tinicum Groundwater Committee has been completed. Supervisor Holby requested the Board’s consent to table consideration for the by-laws until such time as BNT Committee members can speak to the Board on the matter. Upon motion by Supervisor Holby, seconded by Supervisor Keller, which carried 3-0, the Board of Supervisors tabled consideration of the revised BNT Groundwater Management Committee By-Laws.

4. Close out Wells Fargo CD and Open First Savings Bank of Perkasie CD – Secretary Macaluso advised the Board that the Township is currently holding a CD with Wells Fargo Bank pursuant to its junkyard ordinance for the Pastore junk yard. Secretary Macaluso requested the Board’s approval to move the CD from Wells Fargo to First Savings Bank of Perkasie, due to the fact that the CD is maturing with Wells Fargo. Upon motion by Supervisor Holby, seconded by Supervisor Lynch, which carried 3-0, the Board of Supervisors approved the closing out of the Wells Fargo CD when it matures July 25, 2014 and opening a First Savings Bank of Perkasie CD.

5. Assistance of Fire Police September 13, 2014 for Plumstead Township – Secretary Macaluso presented to the Board a request from Plumstead Township for fire police assistance for an upcoming event.
Upon motion by Supervisor Lynch, seconded by Supervisor Holby, which carried 3-0, the Board approved the assistance of Fire Police, September 13, 2014 for Plumstead Township.

PUBLIC COMMENT: Barbara Prowker, Township resident was in the audience and requested clarification on certain bid requirements.

Being no further business, upon a motion by Supervisor Keller, seconded by Supervisor Lynch, which carried 3-0, the meeting was adjourned at 8:32 p.m., with the next meeting scheduled to be held on July10, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. at the Township Building.

Respectfully submitted,

Tammy Macaluso

June 2014 Minutes

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