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Sample Ballots for Primary Election this Tuesday May 17th, 2022

Upcoming Elections

May 17, 2022 is the Primary Election

November 8, 2022 is the General Election

New Voting Machines for Primary Election April 28, 2020

In accordance with a state mandate, Bucks County is switching over to new voting machines with verifiable paper ballots. These machines will completely replace the old machines and will be used  during the April 28, 2020 primary election.

Following are two instructional videos showing the regular and ADA compliant machines that will used in the next election;:

  1.  The ClearCast standard voting machine
  2. The ClearAccess ADA compliant voting machine


In addition, the County has made available some informational flyers, which are posted here and at the township building.

How To Vote At Your Polling Place

The Benefits of Hand-marked Paper Ballots

What To Expect At Your Polling Place

What To Expect From Bucks County Elections


For more information and a schedule of training sessions, click this link to the Bucks County Board of Elections website