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Met-Ed Helicopter Surveys of Transmission Lines This Week and Next over Bridgeton

Please be advised that, weather permitting, Chesapeake Bay Helicopters will be mobilizing to the Met-Ed region to begin performing UV/IR patrols on all Met-Ed 69kV and 115kV lines. These inspections are expected to take approximately one to two weeks to complete, however, any storm or outage-related patrols could prolong completion. The helicopter to be used is as follows:

  • Blue Bell 206 Jet Ranger w/tail registration number N719CB – see photo

A UV/IR patrol (also known as Infrared & Corona inspection) is a similar to a routine visual patrol in terms of patrol speed, but the onboard inspection crew is viewing the transmission line(s) through the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums through specialized cameras. The purpose of a UV/IR patrol is to detect any overheated transmission line components or arcing that isn’t otherwise visible to the naked eye.

It should be noted that the contractor has been authorized to patrol the transmission circuits in their entirety (i.e. “breaker-to-breaker”), so patrols on certain lines may therefore extend into the neighboring regions. The flight crew will provide information on their daily location to Transmission Lines Maintenance, FE East Transmission Operations, and any local airports when in their airspace.

  Thea Lind
Regional External Affairs Consultant
office: 610-250-2811 cell: 610-984-5328
2121 Sullivan Trl. Easton PA 18040 | mailstop: R-ESTN / Easton

First Energy Aerial Saw Operations in Bridgeton

This is a message from Gary Mason, Regional External Affairs Consultant for FirstEnergy:

Please be aware: Forestry will be conducting aerial saw operations in Met-Ed beginning July 25, 2022, through September 1, 2022weather permitting. Local counties included in flights:  Northampton (Williams & Glendon); Bucks (Durham, Tinicum, Riegelsville, Nockamixon, Bridgeton).

Please be advised that Aerial Solutions Inc. will be the helicopter company performing the work.

The pilot will be in communication with any local airports, when in their airspace. The helicopter will be flying above or alongside the lines and may circle around for a closer inspection. The helicopter is a MD 500 E, Yellow & White with Blue Stripe, and Tail Number N5238C.  

Suspended on an adjustable 90-foot boom beneath a helicopter and equipped with multiple 24-inch rotary blades, the aerial saw is typically deployed along transmission lines in areas that are environmentally sensitive or inaccessible to bucket trucks and other vehicles. This fast, safe and efficient method of trimming typically covers more area in a day than a ground crew might complete in a week. The saw also eliminates the risk of injury to workers using bucket trucks or climbing trees to cut limbs near high voltage equipment.

The saw cleanly cuts tree limbs 8 to 10 inches in diameter, which fall straight to the ground propelled by air blasts from the helicopter rotors. Ground crews move limbs that have fallen onto roadways, yards, agricultural fields or in streams into adjacent wooded areas. The ground crew will also flag and stop motorists along roads if the saw is working nearby.

The helicopter flies above and alongside transmission lines and may circle around to perform additional trimming. The pilot communicates with local airport personnel whenever the helicopter is operating within their air space.

As always, poor weather and emergency patrols/repairs elsewhere may cause re-scheduling and/or delays.