Planning Commission Meeting Tuesday, Oct. 24th at 7:30 pm, Township Building


Bridgeton Township Planning Commission Agenda for October 24, 2023

1) Call to order at 7:30 p.m. 

Hybrid meeting: Live at the Bridgeton Township building and on Zoom.

2) Requests from the public to be heard on the October 24, 2023 agenda;

Please note that written comments may be sent to: 

3) Review and approval of the September 26, 2023 draft minutes.

4) BTPC review of a draft of the Bridgeton Township Short-Term Rental Ordinance.

The goal of the draft ordinance is to allow Bridgeton Residents the opportunity for short-term rentals of their own homes or accessory buildings, with certain restrictions.  

5) The Bridgeton Twp. Comprehensive Plan update; Roger Keller, Lead:

>The proposed Bridgeton Township Comprehensive Plan (CP):

-A link accessing the latest draft of the proposed CP update at:  is posted on the Bridgeton Township website and a copy of the CP draft available at the Bridgeton Township building.

-Public presentation of the proposed CP update was on 7/25/2023 via Zoom;              -The CP 45-day public comment period started 6/27/23 and is open until 8/12/23; with written comments sent to:

-Discuss: 1) the CP update public comments that were received and 2) receipt of the completed Historic Survey containing photos, map, database and report for the historic resource survey update.

Note: Per the 8/1/2023 email from Bryn-Erin Kerr, Planner at the BCPC:

“At our meeting last week (the proposed CP update presentation on 7/25/2023), a question was brought up about needing an additional review period regarding a substantial change to the draft plan. After consulting with staff and the PA Municipalities Planning Code, it was determined that another public meeting would need to be held in this case. Section 302. (b) of the PA MPC states that if a substantial change is made after the first public hearing regarding the proposed plan, the governing body shall hold an additional public hearing before proceeding to vote on the plan.” 


As we updated our current 1994 Comp. Plan some of our thoughts were:

-What are Bridgeton’s challenges since last Twp Comp. Plan of 1994?

-Should the Comp Plan Map/pg. 31 be changed? How/in what way?

-Ref. the CP Map…What are Bridgeton Townships land use goals?

-Ref. the CP Map… What is our vision?  “What do we want to be?”

-Decide what we DON’T want in the plan.

-What maps should be included and available as digital, GIS and paper

>A few census stats from:  The U.S. Census, type “Bridgeton Township, Bucks County, PA” into their search bar.          

>The county data portal includes a parcel viewer, pipeline viewer, county documents, historical aerials, ag. and open space properties mapping:

>The parcel viewer has a number of useful overlays, including various imagery, zoning, land use, and natural resources:

>The 2011  County Comprehensive Plan  explores issues on a regional basis.

>With the 2020 census completed, the latest County CP info. updates at:  and     

6) BT Planning Commissioners Comments: 

7) Public comments

8) Adjournment