PA Primary Election Tomorrow, June 2nd, Bridgeton Township Building



  • Intense precautions are being taken to ensure the safety of voters due to the pandemic.
  • The Bucks County Board of Health has implemented a protocol for all election sites, available at this link: DOH Election Health Protocols
  • Independent Sample Ballot
  • Republican Sample Ballot
  • Democratic Sample Ballot
  • Hand-Delivering Your Ballot

    The Deadline to deliver your Mail-in Ballot to the Board of Elections is June 2 at 8:00pm. If your ballot is not received at the Board of Elections by that time, your vote will not count.

    What If I Never Received My Ballot?

    The Vast Majority of Ballots Have Arrived at Voters’ Homes.

    If you applied for a Mail-In Ballot over three days ago but have not received it, you can still vote.

    First, call the Board of Elections immediately: 215-348-6154. Press “6” to speak to a staff member and explain the situation. The phone may ring longer than expected as the department is very busy right now.

    If you are unable to obtain your Mail-In Ballot, you can still vote at the polls using a provisional ballot. Tell the Judge of Elections at your polling location that you need to fill out a provisional ballot. These ballots will be delivered to the Board of Elections and will be considered and decided on within a week of the election.