Eastern Upper Bucks Senior Center Newsletter – June 2015


Eastern Upper Bucks Senior Center

EUBSC_June 2015






8040 Easton Road P.O. Box 545   Ottsville, Pennsylvania 18942

(610) 847-8178  (610-847-2036 Fax) Open Mon.-Thurs. 10-3

E-mail: eubseniors@epix.net

Lottery Tickets:  Two $50 drawings every Thursday for 12 weeks from April 2nd to June 18th.

Two winners of $100 each on June 25th.  Winning tickets go back into drawing.

Lottery Calendars are now on sale.  The cost is $20 for a calendar for July 1 to September 30, 2015.

There are many chances to win and you can win more than once.  If you sell 20 calendars, you will receive 1 free calendar.

A sample copy of the calendar is included in the newsletter.

Member Appreciation Luncheon Tuesday, June 9th 12:00 at the Meadows in Hellertown. All members are kindly asked to contribute $1 towards gratuity.  You must sign up in advance.

Mohegan Sun Casino Trip Wednesday, June 17th.  Bus departs senior center at 9:15 am and departs casino at 4:00 pm.

Cost is $30.  Package includes $25 slot play and $5 food voucher.

Iron Pigs Ball Game Friday, July 3rd If driving yourself, cost of ticket is $10 payable at time of sign up. If taking the Bucks County Transport Bus, you must be  registered.  Cost is $22.00 for bus, ticket to game and $2 food voucher.

Hunterdon Hills “Twist & Shout” Wednesday, July 29th Includes meal and show.  Drive yourself or carpool.

Cost is $57 for 20 people or more, or $63.50 for less than 20 people.

For more information on trips, call Jim at 610-847-2305 or the senior center at 610-847-8178.


Board Members:

Betty Martin, President

Jane Paetzell, Vice President

Sandy Carr, 2nd Vice President

Janet Allen, Secretary

Marion Wolf, Treasurer

Terry Keogh, Assistant Treasurer

Margie Jesiolowski, Center Manager

Terry  & Jim Keogh – Trip Coordinators

E-mail: eubseniors@epix.net

Eastern Upper Bucks Senior Center is funded in part by the Bucks County Commissioners and the Bucks County Area Agency on


This senior center applies for a yearly grant that is approved by Bucks County and HUD (Housing and Urban Development). Please consider joining the center to help meet the increasing grant demands for our much needed community senior center.


AVAILABLE to the public!

Tell your friends and family!

Having a party that is too large for your home?

The Eastern Upper Bucks Senior Center is available for rent on days/nights the center is not in use. $150 each event. Call the manager for more in- formation & details on the Rental Contract Agreement


Purchase a dated card for $1 to win special ball money prize. Before games are called, one Bingo ball will be pulled and an- nounced and if you have Bingo only on the very next number you will win the pot. If no one wins, the money will be held until the following week until someone wins.

We will cap the pot at $100 and start a new pot. Sometimes there are several pots to win.  Good luck!

News from the Manager

It is time to pay your annual membership dues. Membership is for the year beginning July l, 20l5 until June 30, 20l6. The cost this year will be $l0. Classes will still cost only $l per class for members. Since we have the co-pilot computer sign-in system, all members need to fill out two updated membership

forms so that we can be sure all of your information is correct and up to date. Please make sure to provide at least 2 daytime emergency contact numbers. In order to continue receiving our funding, it is important that all members visit the center frequently and use our services.  Please consider joining an exercise or nutrition class.

At our membership meeting in May, it was suggested to schedule a game day for a Tuesday. Game day is now scheduled for the lst and 3rd Thursdays and the 2nd Tuesday of each month. This will start in the month of July, because our membership appreciation luncheon is the 2nd Tuesday in June. Come out and join the fun!

Please use our suggestion box to tell us what you would like to see at our senior center. If there is something that you enjoy doing, maybe others do as well. All suggestions will be read at the monthly membership meetings.


Please give public fundraisers from your community organization, church, or fire company to Margie Jesiolowski so that she can put them in the newsletter.  I would need them by the 18th of the

month. We are also accepting advertisements now. Cost will vary based on the size of the ad. If you know of someone who is interested in advertising, let me know.  Thanks.



Florence Rogozinski       Jun 3 Edward Schwartz         Jun 5

Gary Nicholas                Jun 5

Mary Fell                       Jun 13

James Filla                     Jun 16 Mary Jane Whealton Jun 16 Faye Shallcross    Jun 17

Dawn Jernigan               Jun 18

June Schwartz                Jun 18

Nikki Hann                    Jun 18

Carol Michaels               Jun 20

Edwin Zeek                    Jun 20

Michael Jarrett               Jun 22

Marie Simons                 Jun 25

Jerry Benner                  Jun 26

Virginia Schrantz           Jun 29

Terry Keogh                  Jun 30

Marsha Petrella              Jun 30


All members are invited to come out for free cake and ice cream and celebrate the members’ birthdays each month on the 3rd Monday of the month.

Community Events

Riegelsville Community Fire Company No. 1 Auxiliary Riegelsville Station 42 – 333 Delaware Rd. Riegelsville, PA 18077 (610)749-2737

Breakfast Sunday, June 21st 8:00 to 12:00


Upper Black Eddy Fire Company

1716 Firehouse Lane, Upper Black Eddy, PA 610-982-5710 Flea Market Saturday, June 6th 9:00 to 3:00


Senior Games

At Various Senior Centers from June 1st to 6th Registration Deadline is May 15th

Pick up a schedule at the Senior Center Sponsored by Bucks County Commissioners and Bucks County Area Agency on Aging


Welcome New Members: Brenda McCardle

James Hall, Jr Barbara Pavlica


Could you use some extra help with your health care costs?

APPRISE (state health insurance assistance program counseling for people with Medicare in Pennsylvania) Extra help offers Medicare recipients: Lower prescrip- tion co-pays and premiums – Cover the cost of the Donut Hole (gap in prescription drug coverage) have a total income of less than $1,354 per month and less than

$12,510 in resources OR If you are married; and have a total income of less than $1,821 per month; and less than $25,010 in resources

….Call to see if you are eligible for extra help! (Please note: Not all income and resources count in deciding who is eligible for Extra Help. If you are close to meet- ing the income and assets limits above, we encourage you to call.  (800) 866-1807 Mon – Fri   9  – 5

Got Drugs?

Bucks County Medication Disposal

Free and anonymous. Permanent medication collection boxes are now available at the locations below to help reduce the growing statistics of people abusing prescription pain reliev- ers who get them from friends or relatives. Please contact them directly for collection hours, rules, & regulations.

Bucks County Court House: 215-348-6000 Plumstead Township Police Department: 215-766-8741

Springfield Township: 610-346-6700 Quakertown Borough Police Dept: 215-536-5002

Helpful Phone Numbers

AARP (717) 238-2277

Area on Aging (267) 880-5700

Aid for Friends (215) 348-7505

Better Business Bureau (215) 985-9313 Bucks Co. Consumer Protection

(215) 348-7442

Bucks County Transport (215) 794-5554


Elder Abuse (800) 243-3767

Food Stamps (800) 362-1291

Homeless Hotline (800) 810-4434 Legal Info (800) 262-LAWS Legal Service (215) 781-1111

Medicare Service Center (800) 633-4227

or TTY: 877-486-2048

Medicare Questions: Christen Brown from Independence Blue Cross 1-888-208-6076 Military Affairs (215) 345-3307

P.A.C.E. 800-225-7223  or 267-880-5700

Philabundance Food 1-800-319-3663 Report Medical Fraud & Abuse (800)-447-8477

Social Security, Disability Issues, or Supplemental Security Income

(800) 772-1213

Sage (215) 357-2332

Senior Employment (267) 880-5700


Old is when…people call you at 9:00 pm and ask “Did I wake you?” Old is when…people no longer view you as a hypochondriac.

Old is when…there’s nothing left to learn the hard way. Old is when…things you buy now won’t wear out.

Old is when…it takes longer to rest than to get tired. Old is when…you can eat dinner at 4:00.

Old is when…you remember when the Dead Sea was only sick.

Old is when…you’re on holiday and your energy runs out before your money. Old is when…your idea of a night out is sitting on the patio.


A group of elderly people are discussing their various ailments. “My arms are so weak I can hardly lift this cup of cof- fee.”  “Yes, I know my cataracts are so bad I can’t even see my coffee”  “I can’t turn my head because of the arthritis in my neck.!” “My blood pressure pills make me dizzy.” “Well, I guess that’s just the price we pay for getting old.” Every- one agreed, except one woman who said, “Well, it’s not that bad!  Thank God, we can all still drive.”

Philabundance is here to help! If you are a senior 60 years of age or older and a resident of Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, or Mont- gomery County, you may be eligible for a Senior Food Box from Philabundance.

If you are single and your income is

$14,079 or less or you are living with another family member and your com- bined household income is $18,941 or less, you will qualify. You may live with more than one other person to qualify. The box contains a variety of non-perishable food items. l 1-800-319- 3663. All inquires are private and confidential.

The local food pantry at St. John The Baptist Church is also available to help you! Please call me for more details. St. John the Baptist Food Pantry


Mondays 2-5

Tuesdays 9:30-11:30

Thursdays 9:30-1:30

Do you need help with prescription costs?

Anyone who has Medicare can get Medicare prescription drug coverage. Some people with limited income and resources are also eligible for extra help to pay for the costs – monthly premiums, annual deductibles and pre- sciption co pays related to a Medicare prescription drug plan. Income lev- els must be Individual $16,245, Married couple $21,855. Apply at www.socialsecurity.gov or call 1-800-772-1213


Miscellaneous Community News

Pipersville Book Club: meets on the 3rd Monday of the month at 7 pm and has openings for new members. For the current book, please call the library at 215-766-7880 Hours: Mon & Fri 3-5, Tue & Wed 3-5 & 7-8:30,

Thu 10-12, 3-5, 7-8:30,  Sat 10-12


 $10 Auto Registration Form Applications for retired per- sons are available at the center. Eligibility requirements

are listed on the bottom of the form.


No Power at Home? You are always welcome to recharge your electrical devices at First Savings Bank.



Register for the national list and the Pennsylvania list:


  National Do Not Call 1-888-382-1222 You must call from the phone number which you are registering.


Pennsylvania Do Not Call List   Register at 1-888-777-3406

***************************************************     To receive coupons from Turkey Hill,

Call 1-800-MYDAIRY

You may call one time per month.


Please Save :

We are collecting boxtops for education, aluminum tabs and used postage stamps. Please leave 1/4″ around stamps.  Give stamps to Marion Wolf.


Lottery Winners



Ticket #







338 4ƒ30ƒ15 Jim Detweiler Janet Allen
596 4ƒ30ƒ15 Kathy Geroni Kathy Geroni
020 5ƒ7ƒ15 Patty Behot Alice Hilbert
387 5ƒ7ƒ15 Mary Gallo Mary Gallo
051 5ƒ14ƒ15 Anna Dent Ida Bowlby
558 5ƒ14ƒ15 Gary Nicholas Gary Nicholas




The Lord’s Pantry

A bin for food donations for the Lord’s Pantry is at the senior center.





Senior Boxes Available Monthly

at the Lord’s Pantry at St. John the Baptist Church in Ottsville 610-847-5402


  • Must live in Bucks County
  • Must be at least 60 years old
  • Must meet income requirements which are:

Family size Annual               Monthly        Weekly

1 $15,171 $1,265 $292
2 $20,449 $1,705 $394
3 $25,727 $2,144 $495
4 $31,005 $2,584 $597

Packages include: 4 packages vegetables

  • meat
  • cereals Cheese

2 packages fruit

1 non-meat protein

1 carbohydrate

2 bottles juice

Instant & evaporated milk Usually the 3rd Friday of the month, but call the Lord’s Pantry to confirm.


From the office of Rep. Marguerite Quinn

Is the PA Treasury Department Holding Your Money?

Check if You Have Any Unclaimed Property

By Rep. Marguerite Quinn

As we continue to work our way out of the recession, and spend within our budgets, a little extra cash can ease the burden. Especially when it is already yours!

The Pennsylvania Department of Treasury is currently holding quite a bit of extra cash and unclaimed property: $2 billion! This unclaimed property belongs to Commonwealth residents who have accidentally left it behind — that may include you.

Unclaimed property is any financial asset that has been left with a “holder,” such as a bank, insurance company or other business or organization, without activity or contact for a period of about five years. By law, at the end of the five-year period, holders must transfer abandoned property to the Treasury Department. The Treasury Department keeps the unclaimed property until it is claimed by the rightful owner. There is no time limit to claim your property. After you prove ownership, your property will be returned to you without charge.

To determine if you have unclaimed property, visit the Treasury’s free and easy-to-use database at www.PATreasury.gov. Please call 215-489-2126 or visit my district office at 1032 N. Easton Road, Plumstead, if you would like assistance in filling out the online application.

As is typically the case when there are valuable resources available, there are scams related to the unclaimed property database. Please be aware that if you are contacted by a company or person who is offering to work for you to get your unclaimed property, THIS IS A SCAM. Do not pay anyone to claim your property as it is free to enter your information into the online database to determine if you have any unclaimed property. The Pennsylvania Department of Treasury will always help you recover your property free of charge, so a paid liaison is unnecessary.


The United Way of Bucks County has partnered with the Bucks County Opportunity Council to promote BCOC’s Weatherization program which enables low income Bucks County residents to make their homes more energy efficient. Having your home weatherized lowers your energy bills. Plus, you will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer!

Weatherization services include adding insulation, weather-stripping doors, caulking windows, and sealing drafts. The program is open to both homeowners and renters. A landlord’s notarized approval is required if you rent your home. Weatherization services are free to qualifying applicants.

Applicants may not exceed the income limits listed below.








 1 23,340 1,945
2                              31,460 2,622
3 39,580 3,298
 4 47,700  3,975
5 55,820 4,652


Contact Jenny Danzis at 215-345-3301 or idanzis@bcoc.or for more information.
You will complete a 10-minute intake over the phone prior to receiving an application.




June 2015

Eastern Upper Bucks Senior Center Schedule of Activities

(610) 847-8178  Events are open to the public!!  Open Mon-Thu 10-3

Email: eubseniors@epix.net


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
1 Cards & Games 10:00

Line Dancing  10:30-11:30

2 Cards & Games 10:00

Chair Yoga 10:00-11:00

3 Cards & Games 10:00 Advanced Tai Chi 10:30-11:30 Beginner Tai Chi 11:30-12:30 4 Cards & Games 10:00 Knitting&Crocheting10:00

Game Day 10:00

Einstein Nutrition 12:30

8 Cards & Games 10:00

Line Dancing  10:30-11:30

Executive Board Meeting 1:00

9    Chair Yoga 10:00-11:00

Membership Appreciation Luncheon @ Meadows 12:00 (Must sign up in advance)

10   Cards & Games 10:00 Advanced Tai Chi 10:30-11:30 Beginner Tai Chi 11:30-12:30 11 Cards & Games 10:00

Knitting&Crocheting 10:00

Pinochle Tournament 1:00

15  Cards & Games 10:00

Line Dancing 10:30-11:30

Birthday Bingo 1:00

16 Cards & Games 10:00

Chair Yoga 10:00-11:00

17 Cards & Games 10:00 Advanced Tai Chi 10:30-11:30 Beginner Tai Chi 11:30-12:30

Mohegan Sun Casino

18 Cards & Games 10:00

Knitting&Crocheting 10:00

Game Day 10:00

22  Cards & Games 10:00 Line Dancing 10:30-11:30 Membership Meeting 1:00 23  Cards & Games 10:00

Chair Yoga 10:00-11:00

Bingo 1:00

24 Cards & Games 10:00 Advanced Tai Chi 10:30-11:30 Beginner Tai Chi 11:30-12:30 25 Cards & Games 10:00

Knitting&Crocheting 10:00

29  Cards & Games 10:00

Line Dancing  10:30-11:30

30  Cards & Games 10:00

Chair Yoga 10:00-11:00

Friday, June 26th Game Night

6:00 pm


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