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Report Highway Condition Problem (for State Roads)

Township/State Roads List

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) District 06 is reminding motorists that potholes and other roadway concerns can be reported by calling 1-800 FIX ROAD. They can also visit the online portal, the District 6 Customer Care Center, to submit and track roadway concerns
The Department’s toll-free 1-800-FIX ROAD (1-800-349-7623) hotline connects callers directly to their respective county maintenance office. PennDOT employees take pride in providing the people of their communities with quality service. Calling 1-800-FIX ROAD will result in prompt action and a telephone follow-up if the caller leaves their name and telephone number.
Callers should try to be as specific as possible in describing the location of a pothole. Helpful information includes the State Route and section number (found on small, white signs along roadways), the direction of travel (eastbound or westbound lane, etc.) and any other useful location information.
Customers can use the hotline number for any reason including:
◾Animal carcass removal
◾Brush and tree removal
◾Shoulder and drainage concerns
◾Signage issues
◾Other maintenance needs
◾Information, complaints and compliments

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