September Supervisor Meeting Minutes

     IMG_20141018_162005262       The regular meeting of the Bridgeton Township Board of Supervisors was held on September 11, 2014 at the Township Building, 1370 Bridgeton Hill Road, Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania.  Present were Supervisors Michael Lynch and Roger Keller.  Supervisor Gard Holby was absent.  Also present was Secretary/Treasurer Tammy Macaluso and David Shafkowitz, Township Solicitor.


Supervisor Keller called the meeting to order at 7:18 p.m.  Supervisor Keller called for public comment on the meeting agenda.  No public comment was received.


ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Secretary Macaluso stated a letter dated September 8, 2014 was received from Tim Fulmer, Township Engineer; work performed on Ringing Rocks and Birch Roads and a short section of Woodland Drive, was satisfactorily completed and was under budget, by Asphalt Maintenance Solutions, LLC.

Supervisor Keller announced that the website is advancing and looking quite nice.  Supervisor Lynch stated that he is still working out some bugs.




PERSONS TO BE HEARD:  Phil Brandau, representing the B/N/T Groundwater Committee, presented a letter to the Board that the Groundwater Committee would like to send to Township residents authorizing the removal of their well cap to measure the water level in their well.  The Committee would like to measure twice a year, April and October, to record seasonal variations.  Mr. Brandau stated that John MacVeigh, member of the Groundwater Committee will be attending this meeting shortly to speak further about this letter.


MINUTES:  Upon motion by Supervisor Lynch and seconded by Supervisor Keller, which carried 2-0,  the minutes from the July 10, 2014 regular meeting, of the Board of Supervisors were approved.

Supervisor Keller presented the August 14, 2014 minutes for consideration by the Board.  The matter was tabled for further consideration at the Board’s meeting scheduled for October 9, 2014.


BILLS/PAYROLL/TREASURER’S REPORT:  Upon motion by Supervisor Lynch, seconded by Supervisor Keller, which carried 2-0, the bills and payroll in the amount of $78,246.35 and the Treasurer’s report from August 2014 were approved.



  1. B/N/T Groundwater Committee – John McVeigh, member of the Groundwater Committee, reported to the Board on the current activity of the Groundwater Committee.  Specifically, Mr. MacVeigh explained to the Board that the Committee was considering options to measure the cleanliness of Township streams for the Board’s future consideration.  Additionally, Supervisors Lynch and Keller reviewed the letter presented by Phil Brandau with Mr. MacVeigh.  The Board suggested that an alternate version of the letter be considered before it’s presented to any members of the Community.  The Committee members agreed to present a revised letter for consideration at the October meeting.


  1. Fire Company – None.


  1.   Open Space – The Open Space Committee Meeting for September was cancelled.


  1.   Solicitor – Solicitor Shafkowitz reported that he prepared a Resolution for the Board to consider which is listed under New Business.


  1.   Planning Commission – None.




  1. Secretary/Treasurer – None.


  1. Roadmaster – None.



  1.   Berkheimer/EIT Delinquents – Solicitor Shafkowitz recommends that the Board review the delinquency list obtained by Berkheimer for delinquents 2010 and prior and the Keystone delinquent list for 2011 to decide whether any action should be taken to collect.


  1. Signage for Township Building – The Board is still considering its options as it relates to the appropriate signage for the Building.  The matter will continue to be considered at future meetings.


  1. Outdoor Message Center – Secretary Macaluso printed out additional quotes for an outdoor message center to be placed under the porch against the stone portion of the building.  Secretary Macaluso suggested that the Board review the message center used by the Borough of Riegelsville which is located by the footbridge on Durham Road.  That message center was manufactured by School Outfitters, a vendor also being considered by the Board.



  1.   Approval of Resolution 2014-5 Intent to Follow the Schedules and Procedures for Disposition or Records as Set Forth in the Municipal Records Manual Approved on December 16, 2008 – The Solicitor presented for the Board’s consideration a Resolution in which the Board of supervisors will express their intent to follow the schedule for disposition of municipal records pursuant to the applicable statute.  The Solicitor explained that the Township is required, pursuant to statute, to express their intent to follow the schedule if a separate schedule is not being developed.  Upon motion by Supervisor Keller, seconded by Supervisor Lynch, which carried 2-0, the Board adopted Resolution 2014-5 Intent to Follow the Schedules and Procedures for Disposition or Records as Set Forth in the Municipal Records Manual Approved on December 16, 2008.


  1. Set Date/Time for “Trick or Treat” – The Board of Supervisors established the trick or treat date for October 31, 2014 between the hours of 6 and 8 p.m..



Barbara Prowker, Township resident asked if the zoning map has been updated since 1999.  Supervisor Keller stated that it has not been updated since 1999.  Ms. Prowker asked what is permitted to be discussed in an executive session and are minutes kept.  Solicitor Shafkowitz stated that litigation, personnel and real estate is permitted to be spoken of in an executive session and no minutes are kept.


Supervisor Keller announced that the Board was going to adjourn into an executive session to discuss a matter of personnel.  Since the Board does not expect to take any action following the executive session, the Board could adjournment of the public meeting.


Being no further business, upon a motion by Supervisor Lynch, seconded by Supervisor Keller, which carried 2-0, the meeting was adjourned at 8:23 p.m., with the next meeting scheduled to be held on October 9, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. at the Township Building.


Respectfully submitted,




Tammy Macaluso


September 2014 Minutes

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