Road Resurfacing Completed Under Budget


Applying tar for road resurfacing

The annual cycle of road resurfacing in the township commenced on August 4th and was completed August 5th, with the final sweeping of loose chips on August 19th. Birch Road, Ringing Rocks Road and a small portion of Woodland Drive, just over 2 miles combined, were resurfaced with Tar and Chip. $60,000 was budgeted for the operation, and Road Master Rich Pursell, Jr reports that the final cost will come in around $50,000. Birch Rd and Ringing Rocks Rd were last surfaced in 2004. The small section of Woodland Dr was done in 2009.
Mr. Pursell also announced that all the potholes on township maintained roads had been filled, but some county and state maintained roads still had potholes in need of repair. These needs have been communicated to the PennDOT regional supervisor by Road Master Pursell.

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