Township Roads List

Here is a list of all the roads in Bridgeton Township, categorized by the party responsible for their maintenance.
This list will be permanently available on the Roadmaster’s page.

Bridgeton Township Roadways

Township Maintained Roadways

Berm Lane (to canal bridge)
Birch Road
Bridge Lane
*Boulder Road
Canal Lane (to canal bridge)
Lodi Hill
Lonely Cottage Road
*Old Forge Road
Ringing Rocks Road
Riverview Circle
Singley Road
Skyline Drive
* Woodland Drive

 * These roadways are shared between Bridgeton Township and another municipality.  Contact us to determine which municipality the concern is in.

 State Maintained Roadways

Bridgeton Hill Road
Chestnut Ridge Road
Narrows Hill Road
River Road / Route 32

 Private Maintained Roadways

Burger Lane
Clarion Lane
Deer Lane
Fairview Lane
Firehouse Lane
Friendship Lane
Hambone Lane
Highview Lane
Leddys Lane
Mahlon Mills Lane
Miller Lane
Mine Spring Lane
Oak Lane
Reiman Lane
Rupp Lane
Sunnybrook Lane
Waterview Lane
Trails End

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